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Information security

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No IT environment is 100% secure and even with the best security systems in place, there is always the possibility of attackers slipping through the net. Identifying the flaws in your IT infrastructure is the first step in hardening your security defenses.
A true differentiator for STAYTECH, our Security Analysis Division offers essential security services which are imperative to uncovering security vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. We understand that every IT environment is unique which is why we rejected the easier, though far less effective, ‘cookie-cutter’ approach that other security service provider opts for.
The STAYTECH Security Analysis division is comprised of the region’s most skilled ethical hackers who are capable of placing themselves in the shoes of the attacker to uncover potential security loopholes that automated tools miss.
In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, our team offers its extensive technical expertise to guide customers’ security investments so that they can best secure their infrastructures.
1. Cyber Security Analysis


  • Introduction


No IT environment is 100% secure and even with the best security systems in place, there is always the possibility of attackers slipping through the net. Identifying the flaws in your IT infrastructure is the first step in hardening your security defenses.
A true differentiator for STAYTECH, our Security Analysis Division offers essential security services which are imperative to uncovering security vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. We understand that every IT environment is unique which is why we rejected the easier, though far less effective, ‘cookie-cutter’ approach that other security service provider opts for.
The STAYTECH Security Analysis division is comprised of the region’s most skilled ethical hackers who are capable of placing themselves in the shoes of the attacker to uncover potential security loopholes that automated tools miss.
In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, our team offers its extensive technical expertise to guide customers’ security investments so that they can best secure their infrastructures.
External / Internal VA / PT
The first step to assessing how secure an infrastructure is, is to perform a vulnerability assessment / penetration test on it. Our security analysts are seasoned ethical hackers who will perform attacks on your infrastructure in order to:
Expose any security flaws you have in your organization
Test the effectiveness of your security controls
Detect the maturity of your incident response process
Design a detailed plan on how to fix the most critical issues in your network
These assessments can be conducted from both an external standpoint, to mimic the attacks that hackers will issue against your organization, as well as an internal standpoint; whereby we mimic what a virus or a disgruntled employee could do to your organization.
While a vulnerability assessment targets your entire IP range, be it internal or external, a penetration test helps uncover multiple ways in which an attacker can gain access to your network and by exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, complete take over your infrastructure.
In contrast to our competitors, we don’t solely rely on tools but instead follow a stringent manual methodology that provides a 360-degree view of your security controls.
Detailed web assessment
As most of today’s business is conducted over the Internet, and organization’s online presence is increasingly becoming a larger target for hackers and bots. In addition of your webpage being the digital face of your company, it could also be the interaction point of your customers, employees and partners. Whether outside parties use your website to book, order or simply consult your products or services, the integrity of its services and information must always be maintained.
Our seasoned ethical hackers can manually assess your web application for security vulnerabilities that may have creeped in during its development, whether it was developed in-house, by a third party or is a commercial application.
By assuming different roles, we can assess the entire functionality of the web application and uncover any existing or potential security flaws. Our reports not only show how these vulnerabilities can be exploited, they also show the necessary code changes or configuration updates that are required to keep your information secure.
Mobile application hacking
Over the past few years, we have witnessed an explosion in mobile applications. Mobile applications provide an always-online, rapid channel to your organization’s information and services.
Unfortunately, it has been standard across the industry to focus the design of mobile applications around usability and performance, keeping security low on the list of concerns. This has allowed hackers to exploit this new channel and cause tremendous reputational and/or financial impact.
By analyzing both the online services, as well as the mobile application itself, we verify that the mobile channel has the most security built-in. Our analysts scrutinize every aspect of your application for its security robustness.
When done, we provide you with a report that contains detailed explanations on how to bypass your security controls, and provides a remediation path that includes the changes required to eliminate those vulnerabilities.
WIFI hacking
Since wireless signals “leak out” of your office, they are more susceptible to attackers who would otherwise have been stopped due to physical limitations. During WiFi hacking, we perform multiple attacks to:
Test the strength of your wireless security
Test the network setup of your public WiFi networks
Trick your employees by imitating legitimate WiFi networks
These attacks are done on-premise by our security auditors who have been actively involved in wireless security in the open source community. We assess how secure your setup is, and provide a report with detailed instructions on how to improve your WiFi security posture.
VOIP hacking
Since most VoIP networks run on the infrastructure of the enterprise network, attackers often view this as the less-secure gateway to your IT systems. By targeting your VoIP infrastructure, attackers can:
Reach your enterprise resources
Cause telephonic disruption
Commit phone fraud
Our seasoned experts test your VoIP infrastructure for security flaws that could allow an attacker to take advantage of it and move to other endpoints in the network.
Source code review
Since all application specific vulnerabilities originate in their source code, this review service tackles the root cause of the problem. Our source code review ensures that all security flaws, and potential flaws, are fixed before they are even pushed into a production environment.
By scanning your application’s source code with several different engines, and by verifying and analyzing each bug found, our seasoned experts, who all have an extensive development background, ensure that each bug is not a false positive, analyze its potential impact when exploited and determine how to fix it.
Furthermore, we analyze the current development lifecycle that you have and advise what should be tested and at what stages.
Social engineering and exploitation
Most organizations focus on technical controls to keep their data secure and often forget the human element in information security. If your network is well hardened, but your employees can be tricked in giving out sensitive corporate information, then your overall security program it set for failure.
During social engineering attacks, our analysts will try to gain as much information about your organization, and attack your employees in order to:
Gain remote access to your infrastructure
Gain login credentials
Get sensitive, competitive information
This is done in a controlled manner, and we use highly sophisticated, in-house developed tools to facilitate this assessment. These mimic the tools and techniques used by sophisticated hackers when they conduct targeted attacks against your organization.
The outcome of this assessment is a report of successful and unsuccessful attacks against your organization and your employees, together with recommendations from an awareness point of view, as well as technical controls.
Hack on-demand
To tackle the typical challenges that IT departments face with securing approvals from management, STAYTECH offers a flexible on-demand service, whereby customers can purchase a number of man days which can be utilized at a later stage. This is especially useful when timelines are aggressive and flexibility is required.
Our on-demand service entails all our security analysis’ services, and is provided with the same quality and thoroughness that is used otherwise.
Periodic Assurance Security Services
To be effective, security must be treated as an ongoing process, rather than a one-time activity. New vulnerabilities are discovered each day and new attack methods are researched daily.
Our periodic assurance security services, abbreviated to PASS, allow a periodic security review of your specified targets. Our security experts will test the parts of your infrastructure or applications that you specify at predefined intervals. This not only exposes security vulnerabilities, but also shows the effectiveness of your remediation management.
Analyzing all reports will show how well your IT teams are catching up with new vulnerabilities, and how quickly they are fixing the old ones. Aside from meeting regulatory requirements, it will give you peace of mind, knowing that your infrastructure is constantly being challenged by the latest threats.
Tried and tested, passwords remain the primary access control and identification mechanism for numerous enterprises worldwide. As the gateway to volumes of sensitive corporate data, they have long been the target of cyber criminals whose methods are growing increasingly sophisticated.
With Crackodile, an advanced password-cracking tool that STAYTECH developed completely in-house, we analyze how strong your organization’s passwords are in the most comprehensive, efficient and robust manner.
Our powerful purpose-built system is capable of processing millions of hashes, the cryptographic equivalent of passwords, to determine their effectiveness and strength. By uncovering how many of your organization’s passwords can be cracked and with what level of difficulty, we can guide you in making informed decisions regarding your password policies. This results in clear guidelines for employees and corporate data that’s more secure.
2. Cyber Security Consulting




The objective of Information Security is to ensure the organization’s ability to grow and fulfil its mission in the face of a changing risk environment, as well as to protect the interests of those relying on the organization’s information. Security is an enabler of any organization’s corporate strategy.
Information that is secure both effectively and efficiently will satisfy the business requirement of safeguarding it against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss. Robust security is a competitive advantage, and poor security will be increasingly disadvantageous.
Information Security Governance & Compliance
Information security is an integral part of enterprise governance that should be aligned with IT governance and integrated into strategy, concept, design, implementation and operation. Protecting critical information must constitute one of the major tasks to be considered in management strategies, and should also be recognized as a crucial contributor to success.
STAYTECH’s offering for Information Security Governance and Compliance is based on our unique Governance & Assurance Framework, which ensures that information security follows a risk based and information centric approach, to meet an organization’s specific needs and compliance requirements.
Organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, performance measurement, defined tasks, and oversight mechanisms need to be smoothly integrated with the organization’s business to elevate the trustworthiness of its information assets.
STAYTECH’s Information Security Governance & Compliance service line includes the following services:
Information security management system, implementation & certification
IT Service management system implementation & certification
Compliance management with local regulations & international standards
On-going management & maintenance of Governance, Compliance & Certification
IS Governance & Compliance Automation
Benefits for the Customer
Implementation of an Information Security Management System Framework is a combination of well-defined policies, procedures, standards & guidelines required to establish the required level of information security.
Independent certification can be achieved, which demonstrates compliance to customers and business partners. Our implementations are based on STAYTECH’s Governance & Assurance Framework, ensuring compliance with business requirements and all relevant local and International standards.
Risk Management
In the rapidly evolving environment that organizations operate in nowadays, risk management is an increasingly important tool in corporate management strategies.
Information Security Risk Management provides a detailed articulation of the risks associated with the information assets and supporting ICT resources, threats that could adversely impact those assets and vulnerabilities that could allow those threats to occur with greater frequency or impact.
STAYTECH’s Strategic Security consultants follow proven methodologies to design and develop the Risk Management Framework specific to each client and to deliver effective information security risk assessments for them.
STAYTECH’s Information Security Risk Management service line includes the following services:
Risk Management Strategy & Framework
Enterprise IS Risk Assessment
Third parties auditing & assessment
Social Engineering
Ongoing risk assessment services
Risk management process automation
Benefits for the Customer
Effective management of information security risks, mandates an appropriate risk management strategy and framework to be in place. STAYTECH designs and implements such strategies and frameworks based on various risk management models, standards and compliance requirements.
STAYTECH develops a customized strategy based on the characteristics and requirements of each organization, and also provides the required risk management support processes to effectively manage and mitigate the risk.
Information Assurance & Business Resiliency
Information Assurance has become a critical issue for businesses in the current era as they constantly battle challenges ranging from external and internal network attacks, to cyber terrorism and access control, all while having to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
Information Security Assurance further extends the value of information security by adding reliability and emphasizing strategic risk management over tools and tactics with regards to information security.
In addition to defending against malicious hackers and code, STAYTECH’s Information Security Assurance service includes additional aspects of corporate governance such as Data Privacy, Compliance, Audits, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.
STAYTECH’s Information Assurance & Business Resiliency service line includes the following services:
Development of critical data protection strategy & framework
Information classification, labelling & handling
Access Privileges Audit & Role Engineering
Identity and Access Governance (IAG) Consulting & Implementation
Open Enterprise Readiness Assessment (Cyber, Cloud, Mobility, Privacy)
Implementation & maintenance of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
Implementation & Assessment of Incident Handing & Response
Benefits for the customer
Organizations face an ever-increasing challenge to protect critical information. STAYTECH assists organizations in designing and developing an effective Critical Data Protection Strategy & Framework which enables the protection of data assets while accommodating corporate requirements for information sharing, collaboration, distributed processing, and the mobile workforce.
Awareness & End User Education
Any person storing or processing corporate information should have keen understanding of the threats that information could face. These include social engineering, phishing, spoofing, password theft, etc. STAYTECH provides information security awareness trainings in Arabic and English, and develops awareness material to support the concepts and help employees memorize the lessons learnt.
STAYTECH has developed its own methodology regarding Information Security Awareness which makes sure that each information security awareness campaign we deliver is customized to the needs of each particular operating environment, and accounts for the latest cyber security trends and threats.
STAYTECH’s Awareness and End User Education portfolio service line includes the following services:
Design & development of IS Awareness Strategy & Plan
IS Awareness campaigns in projects and on on-going basis?
Automation for End User Awareness & Training
Benefits for the customer:
STAYTECH provides organizations with well-rounded strategies for raising awareness within their employee base. Each strategy is specifically tailored to the needs of the particular organization and is supported by a short and long-term plan that includes the details of all awareness activities which need to be executed in order to fulfil the Awareness Strategy.
Automation In Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
Automation of the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) process within an organization is considered as an important aspect of the effective implementation of Information security.
STAYTECH offers the maximum automation of GRC processes, combining Strategic Security Consulting Services and implementation of GRC process automation solutions.
STAYTECH’s GRC automation service lines include the following:
Automation in GRC
Automation in Critical Data Protection
Automation for End User Awareness & Training
Automation in Identity & Access Governance
Benefits for the customer:
STAYTECH achieves the automation of GRC for customers through the effective implementation of relevant solutions including, Governance & Compliance assessment, automated generation of Compliance Dashboards, and implementation GRC solutions.
On Going GRC & Information Assurance Consulting
Assuring Information security is a continuous process that requires specialization and expertise in order to be effectively implemented. STAYTECH offers both specialization and expertise on an on-going basis, assisting organizations to effectively manage their information security risks.
With this offering, STAYTECH aims at assisting organizations in areas where they are missing expertise or resources. The services of this category are offered either on demand or as part of a frame agreement.
STAYTECH offering regarding on-going GRC & Information Assurance Consulting including following services:
Maintenance of Management Systems & Certification
Risk Management
Compliance Support & Maintenance
Benefits for the customer:
On-going services offered address the requirement for continuous management system monitoring, maintenance, and continual improvement of the Management Systems within an organization. STAYTECH consultants undertake all required maintenance and continual improvement activities relating to the customer’s existing Management Systems, while assisting customers in meeting all certification related obligations. This ensures that an organization can maintain the certification and successfully pass any surveillance audit.
The maintenance of the following Management Systems & Standards is part of this service:
Information Security Management System (ISMS)
ISO/IEC 27001
Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
ISO/IEC 22301
IT Service Management System (IT SMS)
ISO/IEC 20000
3. Cyber Security Integration




Protecting your enterprise against the scores of cyber threats calls for a robust IT security infrastructure built upon the integration of best-in-class products. While many technology providers would have you believe that they can fit your business requirements into their pre-set framework, the truth is that every organizations’ needs are different.

With best of breed security technologies from STAYTECH vendor partners, our team can design, implement, and configure complex end-to-end security architectures unique to each customer. We pick technologies that are best suited to your needs and thanks to our unmatched level of technical competence; we can even build upon our vendors’ solutions to further enhance their capabilities.

Implementation Services
STAYTECH employs a large team of Security Experts who have extensive experience in implementing innovative security solutions. We can assist our customers in implementing integrated solutions that combine best of breed point products from our portfolio of market leading security technologies.
This means STAYTECH can deliver turn-key security solutions and infrastructure projects covering all phases from conceptualization and planning, to implementation and operation.
With our laser focus on achieving the highest possible technical capabilities in each of our core focus technologies, we can deliver technical implementation services that are in line with the highest standards available in the industry.
We are capable of undertaking full projects from start to finish, or engaging at any phase of an on-going or completed project to add our expertise and unique value. Any large scale project we deliver strictly follows the STAYTECH SPIEC project management framework ensuring timely completion and a clear impact analysis of any changes to design, scope or any other changes that may surface during the life of a project.
Examples of Competences:
More than 15 Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineers (PCNSE)
More than 35 F5 Networks certifications
3 Cisco Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) and the only Cisco Security Certified Partner in the region
Security Architecture Review
With numerous successful large scale security infrastructure implementations to our name, STAYTECH is well positioned to validate whether a customer’s existing security architecture conforms to known best practices and standards.
Our experienced consultants can verify that the architecture currently deployed does in fact meet with the intentions of its design.
Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we verify that services and applications are following best practices and provide advice on the required changes to enhance the system’s resilience against cyber-attacks.
Examples of services which our architecture review covers:
3 tier application architecture for critical applications including validation of security policies between application tier zones.
Internal and external authoritative and cache forwarding DNS infrastructure
DNSSec readiness
Zero-trust user architecture
Wireless security and best practices
Active directory architecture review
Configuration Review
During a configuration review, STAYTECH consultants map configuration of infrastructure and security devices to international and regional frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST and NESA and NIA.
Furthermore, we verify that general operation of devices such as validating system updates is performed correctly.
Our configuration review can be performed on the application and servicer infrastructure as well as on infrastructure components.
IT Security Training
With STAYTECH’s customized security trainings, clients are provided with a convenient and comprehensive way to update their IT teams on the latest developments affect the technologies they have deployed.
We deliver trainings on the most relevant aspects of IT security such as web-application security where we cover what a web-application is, the common issues in web-applications, and the typical attack scenarios. The differentiator is that our trainings cover the areas not touched upon in product driven trainings which merely focus on the operational side of managing a solution, but fail to address why a solution is actually required.
Furthermore, STAYTECH Middle East is an authorized training center for Palo Alto Networks and we are therefore capable of delivering the full range of Palo Alto Networks certification trainings.
Product Enhancements
Through our focus on integrating a number of products into a full end-to-end solution, STAYTECH has developed the unique ability to customize and integrate into the different application program interfaces (API’s) exposed by the different solutions.
As an example, this could be automating attack information from a SIEM solution to drive the automatic tuning of a firewall policy.
Our services also cover advanced iRules development for F5 Networks platforms, wherein we can modify behavior or functions of application in order to mitigate security risks or enhance the functionality of the application.
4. Cyber Security Support




Businesses are now more dependent on IT than ever before and any downtime can bring operations to a grinding halt. STAYTECH understands this, which is why our fully qualified team of technical specialists delivers support to our customers around the clock. Your convenience is our priority and we offer world-class support through a wide range of channels including site visits, telephone, and even our unique fully automated web-based ticketing system.
All members of the locally-based STAYTECH Cyber Security Support division are fully certified on all the major platforms we offer and have even been authorized to deliver Level 1 and Level 2 support by a number of our vendor partners. We have invested heavily in developing technology environments that enable us to replicate customer issues in the most realistic manner possible and this enables us to handle 95% of all cases directly within our organization without support from vendors.
For our customers, this means highly professional service, smarter solutions and the fastest times to resolution. Customers rate our support services higher or equal quality to that of our principal vendors.
STAYTECH Support Services (SSS)
Looking for all-round protection for your environment?
STAYTECH experts provide support and assistance in case of any malfunction or failure reported by our customers 24/7 and within a maximum of 2 hours.
Possible countermeasures or solutions are taken by STAYTECH’s certified engineers to restore functionality in the shortest possible time-frame. RMA requests escalated to vendors or replacements are fully coordinated by STAYTECH. On-site remediation, if required, is performed according to industry best practices if remote access is not sufficient or successful.
All incidents are reported and tracked with a professional incident handling system, which is accessible for all customers to track, update or open new tickets. Required analysis is performed via read-only remote access. Fixes can be applied by customers based on instructions provided by STAYTECH’s experts or on request remotely.
Benefits for the Customer
Support from an experienced and fully certified team
STAYTECH’s excellent track record and reputation
Adherence to industry best practice and professional processes
Authorized support center for multiple vendors
STAYTECH Advanced Services (SAS)
Have a new configuration request or want to explore new features of your product?
STAYTECH Advanced Services (HAAS) include new configurations, software upgrades, and the enablement of additional features and customization based on a flexible subscription.
HAAS requests are not limited to a break & fix activity. An expert is available whenever required for new configuration requests, major changes, customizations and configurations. Requests for HAAS can be raised by the customer and are processed by STAYTECH in the same way as a request for Basic Support Services.
Advanced Services can be purchased based on a prepaid amount of days. Advanced Services can be utilized for services of any expert within the STAYTECH Security Assistance Center Team for all products that are covered under HASS.
Benefits for the Customer
Experts already know your environment
Keeps you up to date on the latest features of your devices
Have a certified expert for your devices on call at any time without complicated P.O. process
Health Check Services
Want to ensure that you are always prepared?
STAYTECH’s Health Check service is a periodic preventive maintenance check of your hardware and software. System logs and policies are verified and recommendations are provided during the check. This service also reports the status of the existing environment and contributes to detecting upcoming threats and risks at an early stage. The health check can be performed within or out of the service windows with read-only access so as not to not affect performance and business processes.
The reports are carefully reviewed by multiple experts and provide recommendations based on each scenario by evaluating customer needs and implications on the customer environments. This helps our customers identify any potential issues with their devices and maintain the systems at the recommended OS version, as well as apply industry best practices to their infrastructure.
Benefits for the Customer
Understand device utilization and get best recommendations
Regular review keeps your configuration safe and clean
Identifies the lifecycle for all hardware and software
Hardware Services
Concerned about hardware failures?
In addition to vendor services, STAYTECH maintains stocks of hardware at locations that are closet to our customers. In case of a hardware device failure, replacement can be performed by a certified consultant.
In case the incident has been caused by a defective device or part which is not available at our depots, we will coordinate with the vendor for the necessary procedures and measures. We take care of the complete lifecycle of the RMA procedure to ensure seamless delivery, configuration and return of any new device or parts if needed.
Benefits for the Customer
Rapid resolution in case of hardware failure
Single point of contact for the entire replacement process
Scalable Service Levels to match your needs
Verified & Independent STAYTECH spare supply
Resident Engineer
Lack of on-site expertise?
STAYTECH’s Resident Engineers integrate as members of your TEAM to provide full-time support at your premises. Each resident engineer is certified and has strong hands-on technical experience with the network security infrastructure.
STAYTECH Resident Engineers are available for engagements and to provide operational, design, and planning assistance and will assist with the deployment of security equipment, post-cutover activities, and day-to-day operations according to your requirements.
Our Resident Engineers develop trust-based relationship with your staff that fosters knowledge sharing and open communication between your staff, and your security vendor customer services. Using their knowledge of the network, resident engineers assist in security & network design, support, and operational issues. Existing customers typically view the RE as a strong and indispensable member of their team.
Benefits for the Customer
On-site availability of the require expertise and technical skill sets
Minimize downtime, operational costs and maximize efficiency
Quickly adapt to changing requirements without recruiting
Service Manager 
Need professional coordination?
STAYTECH provides a dedicated technical manager who helps to improve and optimize your environment of multiple complex devices and solutions. This enables you to maintain business continuity and sustainability of the operational day-to-day-business by providing dedicated solutions from a technical, commercial and strategic perspective.
Benefits for the Customer
Smooth coordination between multiple contacts/parties
Incidents, service & change requests are professionally monitored and managed
Review meetings, reporting for team and management
6.Managed Security Services




STAYTECH Managed Security Services (MSS) was born out of the regional need for expertise in monitoring increasingly complex IT security infrastructures. With threats ever growing in frequency and sophistication, budgets being spread over an increasing number of IT domains, and technical skills coming at a premium, the case for MSS has never been as compelling.

STAYTECH MSS focuses on delivering services locally, in line with leading security policies, frameworks and technologies, by highly competent resources developed over years of protecting our customers. We value our customers’ privacy and although local data collection is a must, we handle this in the most secure way possible by our unique service offering which ensures that data does not leave the customer’s environment.

Where other service providers adopt an inflexible mass market approach, our Managed Security Services offering has differentiated itself by delivering flexible services which combine security event management, infrastructure monitoring, and incident response for our customers either through remote or on-site response teams defined by strict SLAs.
Security Event Management & Incident Response
Security Event Management & Incident Response are among the core services offered by STAYTECH’s MSS division. Our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) which is staffed by top-level security analysts; offers monitoring, analysis and interpretation of security events occurring within your infrastructure 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
STAYTECH’s Security Event Management service is designed to analyze and inform your organization, about security threats or abnormal behaviour, occurring within both internal and external networks, thus enabling your organization to react in a more efficient and effective manner.
Our highly trained and dedicated security team is capable of detecting and informing you of malicious, abnormal, and unauthorized behaviour as well as anomalies and deviations in trends and baselines specific to your organization.
STAYTECH’s Incident Response service allows you to recognize an incident, evaluate the associated risks, and determine the most effective approach to remediate the incident. Our approach to incident response enables you to position your organization a step ahead of any incident. STAYTECH’s Incident Handling methodology provides a structured approach to prepare and respond to security incidents. Aligning with this methodology, the CIRT team demonstrates due care and a comprehensive framework for dealing with and recovering from incidents.
Infrastructure Monitoring
The Infrastructure Monitoring component of our MSS offering covers the following parameters:
General availability of a device
CPU utilization
Memory utilization
Disk utilization
Bandwidth utilization
Session utilization
While the actual monitoring capabilities may vary from platform to platform, STAYTECH MSS reports the availability of monitored devices in weekly and monthly status reports.
In case of changes in availability or indication of degradation of performance of monitored devices, clients will be alerted 24×7 via telephone, SMS or e-mail depending on agreed SLA and communication matrix.
Remediation Management
Based on the criticality of the incident that has been raised by STAYTECH’s analysts, it may be necessary for an engineer to be on-site to aid with remediation. Our trained experts assist you in addressing the threat from within your premises.
As part of this service, if your organization is undergoing an attack, or has been attacked, our engineers will assist you in identifying the threat and remediating it.
Device Change Management
One of the unique offerings of STAYTECH MSS is the ability to combine our CSOC and our Security Assistance Center (SAC) services. This allows us to deliver full life-cycle and also manage security infrastructure for our customers. By subscribing to our Device Change Management (DCM) Service, the STAYTECH CSOC will investigate events and recommend changes, which will in turn be implemented by the STAYTECH SAC engineers.
As part of our DCM service, our engineers will also monitor and maintain software releases and perform necessary upgrades to ensure a safe and stable operating environment. Depending on the approval process within your organization, changes can be initiated automatically in case of critical events identified thereby reducing the threat exposure time for clients.
As an added benefit, STAYTECH ensures that configuration files are backed up and stored on either on-site or remote storage environments. This helps in meeting an important business continuity requirement of always having up-to-date configuration files for network, infrastructure and security devices.
Log Management and Retention
Our log management/retention (LM/R) service provides your organization with an easy way to securely store your raw logs for up to 3 years for compliance, audit or investigative requirements.
To access your raw logs, you simply need to submit a request and within 72 hours, access will be provided to your requested logs.
Furthermore, by utilizing our LM/R service, you will be able to meet the compliance requirements that are deemed necessary by your organization.
Forensic Analysis
STAYTECH MSS analysts work with customers to conduct forensic analysis to evaluate security breaches, up to the identification of root cause. We believe it’s very important to scrutinize each incident and document its absolute root-cause to minimize the chances of reoccurrence. Incident and response handling procedures, including determination of the incident source and digital forensics investigations are among the top services we offer to our customers.
Upon completion of the forensic analysis exercise, STAYTECH analysts will provide you with a thorough report of the incident, signatures of any malware extracted, an assessment of the potential damage sustained in an incident, and recommendations to avoid a potential repetition of the incident.
Managed Web Defense
Managed Web Defense (MWD) is a collection of interconnected security modules designed for detection and prevention of cyber threats with extreme precision. MWD will empower your network with intelligent feeds to identify where action can be automated against region specific malicious activities.
STAYTECH’s MWD service provides 24×7 proactive monitoring and comprehensive protection ensuring that your business critical applications stay available and secure. The service monitors web attacks in granular detail to build a realistic picture of the threats targeting your business and to strengthen your defenses. In addition, this service also provides proactive protection against vulnerabilities in your web applications.
Our MWD service includes the following modules:
Application DDoS Prevention
Managed Source Code Review
By tackling software bugs very early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the cost of each bug can be drastically reduced and this eliminates any impact on your current user base and production environment.
With our Managed Source Code Review (MSCR) service, STAYTECH can help accelerate code review schedules in secure application development lifecycles. With this on-demand service, STAYTECH can handle large volumes of code and quickly return actionable results. That allows your developers to fix flaws more quickly and enables development timelines to continue at pace or even to be sped up.
Since this service doesn’t require the purchase of any hardware or software, you pay only for the analysis services you require at any given time, with no ongoing maintenance or updating expense- STAYTECH MSS takes care of that for you by continually refining testing methodologies.
Managed Web Application Firewall
Web applications have become business critical as organizations increasingly leverage them to deliver services to both customers and employees. The number of reported compromises is escalating daily, and figures suggest that around 90% of all web applications are vulnerable to at least one of the top 10 known web attacks such as SQL-injection, Cross-Site-Scripting, and Parameter Tampering. Not only are the number of attacks and vulnerabilities increasing but also the severity and costs associated with rebuilding a company brand thereafter.
STAYTECH’s Managed Web Application Firewall service provides 24×7 pro-active monitoring, management and comprehensive protection ensuring that your business critical applications stay available and secure. The service monitors granular detail about web attacks to build a realistic picture of the threats facing your business and strengthen your defenses, whilst also providing proactive protection against vulnerabilities in your web applications.
Managed Next Generation Firewall
STAYTECH’s Managed Next Generation Firewall service is designed to help you reduce the time, cost and resources required for the day to day monitoring and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure. To mitigate the latest security threats, traditional rules and policy-based threat detection are now consolidated with multiple security features such as IPS and web content filtering, all deployed through a single device.
Our Managed Next Generation Firewall service eases the adoption of this technology by extending your IT staff with certified and accredited next generation firewall specialists. These trained experts will ensure optimal configuration, tuning, and provide 24×7 management and monitoring services.
We offer this service for next generation firewalls from the following top industry vendors:
Palo Alto Networks
Juniper Networks